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'Unpacking Stress: The antagonist to wellbeing and life success'

From over 40 stress triggers, shine a light on yours, and discover exactly how they're standing in the way of vibrant wellbeing + success.

Modern day stressors pervade every aspect of our lives.

Our performance and productivity.

Our vitality and immunity.

Our relationships and presence.

Our joy and contentment.

Our purpose and passion.

Our kindness and optimism.


The biochemical, hormonal, mechanical and metabolic consequences of chronic stressors may be noticed; 

weight gain, headaches, skin conditions, fatigue, irritability, pain, anxiousness, depression, behaviour change........


But chronic stressors also build inside the body over months and years.


 Say hello to auto-immune disease, cancer, and heart disease.


But worse still, is the consequent strain on how we show up each day.

Our achievement, relationships and joy. 

"I blend my 20 years of education and experience across positive psychology, neuroscience, nutrition, mindfulness, emotional literacy, NLP and exercise physiology, to reduce the impact of stressors in people's lives, creating wellbeing and life success, and stirring a positive ripple for our next generation"

- Erin


We're doing it wrong.


Separating personal and professional, physical and emotional V's working on the human as a whole


Focusing on the next bright shiny thing to solve the challenge V's a deep dive into our conditioned patterns of thinking, feeling and doing


Settling for 'ok', slightly distracted, overwhelmed and tired V's vitality, achievement, confidence and joy



We're all leaders.

Leading at home, at work and in our community, creating an impact that is either damaging or remarkable, depending on how we show up.



Our Behaviour Matters.

In every single moment.
And those moments, create a life to be proud of, or one with circulating 'if only's'.
Are you waiting for something to change, or are you ready to take charge and change?


A bold promise.

Our connection will change your life.


When we shift your relationship to both physical and emotional stress, you;


- Live + Lead with High Performance Habits

- Lose Weight

- Reduce Chronic Pain + Inflammation

- Shift Unwanted + Limiting Habits

- Elevate Energy + Productivity

- Live With Presence, Purpose + Confidence

- Realise Possibility + Opportunity

- Raise Restoration + Immunity


We assess our life at the end

based on the depth of the relationships we had,

the authenticity in which we lived,

our courage,

our presence,

our contribution,

and our joy.


On track?

 For Individuals.

Consulting and Coaching designed to recalibrate and elevate physical, emotional, mental and behavioural health.


Live and show up with wellbeing, limitless potential and life success.


A synergistic, successful and sustainable approach blending;

  • Brain Science (emotional literacy, limiting beliefs, thought processing, neuroplasticity, fear....)

  • Body Science (cells, biochemistry, hormones, metabolism, physiology, gut, detoxification.....)  

  • Behavioural Science (nutrition, exercise, self-care, mindfulness, cultural bias….) 

For Workplaces.

Raise physical, mental and emotional stress resistance and resilience in the workplace.


Elevate productivity, energy and performance.


All work centres upon the knowledge that behaviour change requires neurological alteration, and is achieved through the provision of new education, integrative actions, emotional connection, and accountability across the physical, mental and emotional aspects of wellbeing.

Changing Communities.

Protect what you Learn.

Live what you learn.

Lead with what you live.


Receive a free weekly email, requiring tiny self enquiry and action, yet compounded over time, creates colossal change. 


Wellbeing and high performance takes more than meditation, food and exercise, and in our busy lives we need to understand that sustainable and positive behaviour change requires;


- new scientific and research grounded education

- simple frameworks and behaviours for successful limbic brain activation

- triggers to enable repetition and success


My speaking style is both educational and empowering,  and always incorporates these three elements. My delivery is open, comprehensible, realistic, and achievable.


In all speaking engagements, I provide practical tools for individuals to integrate into their lives immediately.


A live series of meetups; events, retreats and workshops held near and far, for small groups and large, workplaces, corporations and parents.


You can select your learning and integration topics and venue, or work with us to create your own personalised event or series.


Choose on trend settings; grazing platters, soirees.......growth need not be boring.

Wellbeing Products

Products ranging from water filtration to bone broths, food based supplements, probiotics, detoxification kits, chemical free hair, face and body care, and organic essential oils.

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