My approach to speaking events is by way of providing individuals with new learning, so as to advance their human potential in their homes, workplaces and communities.


Wellbeing encapsulates more than meditation, food and exercise, and in our busy lives we need to understand that sustainable and positive behaviour change requires;


- new scientific and research grounded education

- simple frameworks and behaviours for successful limbic brain activation

- support to enable repetition and success


My teaching and speaking style always incorporates these three elements, and is open, comprehensible, realistic, and achievable.


In all speaking engagements, I provide practical tools for individuals to integrate into their lives immediately.


Fully customised workshops and presentations are created based on your personal or business desired outcomes across physical, emotional and mental health.



Presentation Topics.

Wellbeing expansion through new learning and   integrative actions around:
- Nutrition
- Personality 
- Values Based Communication, Behaviours and Decisions
- Clarity, Purpose + Intention 
- Emotional Literacy
- High Performance + Productivity
- Mindfulness 
- Optimism 
- Self Confidence
- Reducing Toxicity
- Eating Psychology
- Movement
- Sleep + Restorative Habits
- Stress Reduction Habits
- Essential Self Care Habits

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